Hello all!

We successfully made it to the weekend & we all deserve a pat on the back for that one. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been sick with what feels like the start of the flu since last night 😦 Of course, it comes with the territory for me, working with the kiddos all day- and while I’m so not loving feeling this way, I’m so glad to have a 3-day weekend with no plans to recover. This weekend will consist of lots of rest, binge-watching some Netflix {any recommendations welcome!} and an abundance of self-care.

Speaking of self-care, I want to take some time to focus on some of my most-loved beauty products that I’ve discovered so far in 2018. One of my goals for the new year was to find new products that work well for my beauty routine, particularly in the skincare department, and while it’s only February, I’ve found a few new products and brands that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve been using them consistently for almost 2 months and let me tell you- for not being a huge “routine” kinda gal, it feels amazing being able to see positive changes in my face & my overall being, and it’s to the point that I’m excited to get to bed each night so I can complete my routine!

The best part? Most of these products are available on my Amazon Affiliate page {*which I’ll be linking below for your reference!!} so they are easy to find & shop for.

Let’s get started, babes!


*This is the one brand I’m featuring that is not available on Amazon, but it’s a small but mighty online company that has been killing it over the past few years. I love supporting small businesses & finding simple products that just work, like Glossier! You can find them at glossier.com

I recently started using their exfoliating skin perfector Solution as my toner and I. AM. OBSESSED. Leaves my skin so bright and tight I can’t wait to keep using!!

Other go-to faves:

  • Boy brow {for flawless brows}
  • Cloud paint {lasts forever- perfect cheek tint!}
  • Haloscope {perfect subtle dewy highlight}

Onto my Amazon page faves!

French Girl Organics

So this may be my favorite new brand to date. These French-inspired products are made in the US, and each product is made from organic, sustainable ingredients. Not only that, but I have been seeing great results from all of the items I use. Top it off with the cutest packaging & subtle yet heavenly scents, I would recommend this product to any beauty lovers in a heartbeat.

My favorites:

  • Rose lip polish {leaves your lips feeling smooth & plump}
  • Lumière bronzing oil {perfect for leaving a little glow- smells amazing}
  • Sea polish {I use the menthe/romarin one- the perfect body scrub with a minty tingly touch}
  • Crème Lumière facial moisturizer {it has made its way into my routine as my go-to moisturizer- leaves skin nice and bright- need I say more?}

Mario Badescu

Started using some of their products last year and am now continuously adding more to my cart.


  • Facial spray with Rosewater {mist this all over my face and neck after my facial routine or if I need a refresh after the gym- I’ve heard the Green Tea one is great too!}
  • Drying lotion {literally JUST ordered this week after eyeing it up for forever and BOY does this work- great for acne}

Vital Proteins

I finally understand what all the hype is about. I started using the collagen peptides about a month and a half ago, and while I was initially skeptical, I have seen apparent changes in my hair, skin and nails, and I’m never looking back. My hair has been growing so fast, when usually my hair grows super slow unless it’s the middle of the summer. It’s also been a lot fuller! My skin has been noticeably smoother, and I’ve seen some of my fine lines fading as well. And my manicures have been lasting so much longer than usual since they don’t break as easily and have been growing out so nicely. It’s so easy to incorporate into your day {I add a scoop to my coffee every a.m.} and the benefits are definitely there after about a week or two of using consistently!

My favorites:

  • Grass fed, pasture raised peptides unflavored {*I bought the 20 oz container as well as the to-go packets- great for being on the go!}

Can’t wait to try something new from them – eyeing up the beauty water packets next!

Jade rolling

Okay, this one I’m newly getting into, but after reading up on it a ton, I am fully expecting to see some long-term results after using for a bit. It’s supposed to smooth & even out your skin, reduce fine lines and help circulation in your skin! So far I’ve learned its best to keep it in the freezer {allows blood to circulate more easily} and it’s really beneficial to use right after you use your toner/oils/moisturizer, as it helps the products to really seep into your skin. I can definitely see some changes as I use it- but like I said, I want to see how it changes my skin overtime.

*I linked the roller I purchased on my Amazon page {comes in a 2 pack!} I may eventually upgrade to a nicer one, but for now I’m sticking to this guy- it does the job!

Murad Nutrient Charged Water Gel

I originally received this product through Influenster as a product to trial- and WOW it’s worth the money. This is oil free & perfect for locking in moisture, leaving skin super plump, tight and smooth. It’s a bit on the higher side with pricing, but it lasts so long & honestly, I feel it’s completely worth it. Make sure to use on your neck & chest too for hydration all around!

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

Last one guys – this vitamin C based oil is super great for refreshing and brightening up your skin- it’s supposed to be used for 2 weeks at a time- and my favorite part about it is that you activate the product at home by dispensing the vitamin C into the oil when you’re ready to use. It’s fresh and definitely refreshes your skin so it has a healthy looking glow!

*note: this product is listed on my Amazon page but is currently unavailable- however you can find it at Target with the rest of the No7 products!!

**You can find ALL of theseproducts on my Amazon affiliate page linked here!


So that is my beauty roundup of my favorite products of 2018 so far- I can’t wait to keep finding more things to incorporate into my routine! Feeling well on the outside often leads to positivity radiating inside- and that’s why I’m making it a point to find products that agree with me & make me feel like my best self.

Can’t wait to share more!! If you have any questions about my products PLEASE feel free to reach out- or if you want to share your thoughts on an item, or recommend something new PLEASE DO! Always looking to improve myself and my being in various ways.

Here’s to a long weekend of self-care!


Sydney Paige