This weekend marks 6 months til “I Do”- I seriously cannot believe it! I have to say, even though our timeline was much much shorter than I had anticipated, I am feeling great about having so many things checked off our list & have yet to feel stressed- sure, I’m busy, but this planning process has honestly been SO fun for me, & a way for me to let my creativity flourish- after all, I’ve been dreaming and scheming about what this day would look like since I was about 6 years old- it’s finally time to make it all come together!

One element I was really excited to work on and get creative with was my ‘Bridesmaid Proposal’, which has become such a fun way to celebrate the special women that brides want to be a part of their big day. It’s our way of getting to “pop the question” in a way, & I knew that I wanted to create something that my bridesmaids & Maid of Honor would really love!

I’ve seen a lot of great proposal boxes, but one thing I always have noticed is how they never seem super personalized- it’s usually an assortment of cute little accessories, the wedding colors somehow incorporated {maybe with a nail polish, or hair ties} a baby bottle of champs & a punny card of some sort. These are all great ideas- super cute & sweet and a perfect gesture. I just knew I wanted to create something a bit more personal, that still speaks to my wedding day inspo, and something that they can have forever to remind them of the memories we will get to share during this exciting time!

Cue my proposal box lightbulb moment:

I immediately called my friend Meghan of House of Catherine, who is nothing short of amazing & is creating our invites and signage for our big day- and boy am I DYING to show you all of the beautiful things we have in the works! I decided after putting a lot of thought into it, that a glass jewelry/display box of some sort would be perfect, so that it’s not just disposable but something my bridesmaids can use over and over again in their own way! I sought Meghan’s help by having her hand write each girl’s name on the top to personalize {plus her calligraphy is to die for}. It turned out incredible! Added a few sprigs of baby’s breath at the bottom to really make the lettering pop.

Holy gorgeous.

I wanted the box to be filled with a few things that were a way to connect us all in some way and tied in with the new jewelry boxes. I suddenly remembered 2 adorable Etsy shops that I had been following for quite some time- The Painted Press, who makes these adorable jewelry dishes that can be personalized in any way you’d like- and Made By Mary, who creates the daintiest fine jewelry pieces, perfect for any girl who likes a simple piece, or likes to layer delicate necklaces like crazy {aka me}

I thought it would be a perfect addition to the boxes! I personalized the dishes with their name and a heart, & the necklaces I chose all had a tiny little heart stamped on it to match the dish- I also ordered myself a necklace, so we could all wear them together at special bridal events and such- a way to connect with my favorite girls.

The final touch was a little card that Meghan also created for me- simple & sweet. I wrote little notes to each of the girls telling them just how special it would be if they stood by my side on the biggest day of my life.

I am so happy with how they turned out! More than anything, my bridesmaids & MOH have shaped my life in the most beautiful way, & I wanted them to know just how lucky I am to have them, yesterday, today & every day that follows, even as our lives change and evolve in different ways.

I hope you love these just as much as I do! So many exciting things in the next few months and I am SO grateful for my loving, caring, & supportive girl gang who has been there for me every step of the way. The absolute luckiest.


Sydney Paige